March 2016

Employer Caught Stealing Money from Child Support Payments

The Financial Impacts of Divorce that You Need to Think About NOW

If divorce is looming, now is the time to start thinking about money. Divorce can impact your finances for many years to come so get a game plan and follow that plan.
Immediate Costs/Considerations
Each person’s facts are different but here is a list of some immediate financial considerations:…

Who Gets the Embryos?

What Does a Box Of Chocolate Have to Do with Relocation?

Your Box of Chocolates – Choose wisely

It’s not all a matter of law and presumptions – relocation that actually serves the child’s best interest is also a matter of sacrifice, selflessness, sharing and doing what is right for the children without regard to what might be “fair” or “reasonable.”…

Should there be a National Divorce Law?

Summer is Nearly Here – Get those vacation plans nailed down

Summer is nearly here, and so is the end of the school year. Many parenting agreements allow for parents to have extended time with their children, so do not delay in advising the other parent which days you want. Often, parents are scheduling trips right now, reserving hotel rooms, buying plane …