July 2016


Facing the challenges of extended family during divorce

During even the best of times, relations with extended family can be challenging to navigate.  These challenges may compound and manifest in many different ways during the process of separation or divorce.
Depending on the type of relationships you and your spouse have with your respective…

Divorcing on a budget

Divorcing on a budget

Divorce can be incredibly expensive, but does it HAVE to be?  Spending unnecessary money on divorce is foolish. This is money you could be utilizing after your divorce or to care for your kids.  Wouldn’t you rather pay for piano lessons or a family vacation than spend unnecessary money fighting y…

Pre-nups – a good thing

Pre-nups – a good thing

Top reasons why a pre-nup is good for every couple
1.     Pre-nups are practical
More than 50% of marriages end in divorce in the USA. No happily engaged couple wants to hear depressing statistics on divorce, but if you believe yourself to be at all practical, a pre-nup is a necessary part of e…

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Michelle Obama Killed it – From the Perspective of a 19 year old male

Michelle Obama’s DNC convention speech is by far the most moving piece of rhetoric I have heard yet in this election. It was powerful, heartfelt, absurdly quotable, and did not ever dip down into the petty muck that is synonymous in my mind with this entire election season. Essentially, she kille…

The RBG story develops

The RBG story develops

In follow up to last week’s post regarding the somewhat surreal Ginsburg v. Trump headlines, it appears the longtime Supreme Court Justice to a limited extent agrees with much of the backlash against her, admitting that judges should “avoid commenting on a candidate for public office” and that he…

How do Children see Step-parents?

WIGS – Wildly Improbable Goal Setting

What is Wildly Improbable Goal Setting?  Martha Beck, a life coach, Sociologist, best-selling author and Harvard graduate explains why everyone needs Wildly Improbable Goals. 
In simplest terms, it is “dreaming big.”  It is “acting boldly.”  It is believing in your dreams – knowing the dream, kn…

3 Ways Divorce Can Impact Your Health

Stages of Grief – Divorce

Stages of grief during a divorce 
1.     Denial
During this phase you desperately search for reasons why you should stay with your spouse. Now may be the time you suggest that you both should “work harder” to stay together. Despite the fact that your marriage is ending, and probably for good re…