September 2016

Divorce Derailing Retirement

Managing Retirement and Divorce

We appreciate that divorce can be complicated. Even where parties agree on all the issues it can be important to speak with a family law attorney regarding some of the more “hidden” aspects of divorce. Many clients have a firm grasp and understanding of their personal property; one person gets gr…

Gun Safety and Domestic Violence in Washington

Is a Bulldog Right for You?

In my practice I often hear that clients are looking for a “fighter”, for a “bulldog” lawyer, who will be aggressive and tough about standing up for your rights. I get it. Emotions run high in divorce and often a person’s first reaction is to want to dig in deep or to get revenge in an interest o…

Vice President Debate by Guest Blogger

The Debate

The first presidential debate of 2016 kicked off the past Monday evening with Clinton and Trump going head to head on issues ranging from police brutality, to clean energy, to foreign policy.  In general, Clinton was thought to have had an all around better performance than Mr. Trump in this deba…

Collaborative Law for Prenuis

Rise in Prenups Requested by Parents

Many young couples are facing serious difficulties when it comes to entering the housing market. With student debts high and the cost of housing skyrocketing it may come as no surprise that more and more couples are getting assistance from mom and dad to make their first home purchase.
While par…

Who Gets the Embryos?

Who Gets the Embryos?

We live in an amazing time, when couples of all shapes and sorts can come together to form a family. These bonds can be beautiful, diverse and complex. Take for example the issue of frozen embryos, a technology which has opened the gates to parenthood but also resulted in thorny ethical and legal…

Divorcing on a budget

How long will it take to get divorced?

Once the difficult decision to file for divorce has been made, the next question you are probably asking yourself is; how soon will it be over? The process of moving forward can be a difficult one, emotionally as well as legally. The answer is, like most things in life, it depends.
Here in Washi…

Texas Judge Grants Same-Sex Divorce after Long Fight

Reject Hate, Intolerance and Bigotry – 21 Year Old Female Guest Blogger

Just when you thought Donald Trump could not get more reprehensible, he does. He is always upping the ante, but this most recent declaration of his intentions on abortion may be the most far right, tea party esque stance yet. In all honesty, I hate writing about Donald Trump. I am tired of his ha…

Who Gets the Embryos?

What is Ahead for Brangelina?

The world was rocked yesterday by the announcement that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt. The couple has been together for more than 10 years but married only recently in 2014. They had made a promise not to marry until the same rights were afforded to their same sex co…