November 2016

How Can Trump Impact Your Parental Rights?

Toxic Stress – Just How Toxic is it to Kids?

Harvard University recently highlighted research showing how the child welfare system can benefit from utilizing findings in the neuroscience and child development fields. Focusing on the causes and effects of toxic stress, this research shows how children could greatly benefit from streamlined s…

Divorce decree

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Divorce

How does divorce impact your coverage under the Affordable Care Act? What are the potential complications under President-Elect Trump?
The Affordable Care Act is arguably the most important legacy of president Obama’s time in office. It has provided tens of millions of previously uninsured pe…

How Do I Start a Divorce in King County?

Easy Guide to Selecting Divorce Professionals

Separation and divorce is a significant time of change. During this tumultuous time, the divorcing parties are juggling multiple issues: the loss of a partner, minimizing the impact on the children, and the day to day logistics of financially and physically restructuring ones’ life. A team of exp…

Divorce Derailing Retirement


Upon news of Trump’s new status as President-Elect, the stock market went haywire. The market reacts negatively to uncertainty and as one CNN reporter put it “Trump is uncertainty on steroids.” While I, and many of my fellow Americans certainly may felt shocked, this type of stock market downturn…

Clinton Allocates Extra Funds to Swing States – by Guest Political Blogger

What Trump’s Moves in the Past Week Say About His Campaign Promises?

Today, a week after securing his spot as president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump announced Reince Priebus as his chief of staff. This move is in line with post-election Trump behavior yet contrary to his anti-establishment positions during his campaign.
Reince, chairman of the Republi…

DSHS Changed Visitation Policy

Parenting Plan

Every person, every family, and every divorce is unique. Gone are the days where everyone is stuck in the “every Wednesday and every other weekend” rut. While this arrangement may work for some, in the modern age attorneys and families can work together to craft unique parenting arrangements that…

A statue of a woman

What is a Nasty Woman?

Donald trump infamously called Hillary Clinton a “nasty, nasty woman” in the final presidential debate. I have done a lot of soul searching recently, especially following his presidential win, to understand the true meaning of this phrase for those like Trump, and for me.
 I have concluded that …

DSHS Changed Visitation Policy

DSHS Changed Visitation Policy

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) recently modified its visitation policy in a major way. There is now a presumption that visits between parents and children be unsupervised and in the least restrictive setting unless the presence of threats and danger to the child requires the …

Clinton Allocates Extra Funds to Swing States – by Guest Political Blogger

Rogue Electoral College Voter in Washington State by Guest Political Blogger

“She (Hillary) will not get my vote. Period.”, claims Washington State elector Robert Satiacum, a member of the state’s Puyallup tribe and avid Bernie Sanders supporter. Hillary Clinton is all but guaranteed to win the vote in Washington State yet Satiacum claims that is not enough to obligate hi…

Avoid Pre-Nup Faux Pas

Avoid Pre-Nup Faux Pas

Many clients feel a little trepidation in raising the subject of a pre-nup with their prospective spouse. As experienced family law attorneys we share some tips on how best to avoid these pre-nup faux-pas.

What is it? A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into by a couple before marriag…