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Your family’s future is our first priority 

We practice law differently, with an eye toward innovation and education. We focus on your family’s success and individual needs. We connect you with resources and information to navigate life’s challenges so you can be at peace with your decisions and free from the stress of the unknown. We are well-trained, experienced professionals committed to ongoing education and creative problem-solving to help you make sound, informed, and emotionally intelligent decisions. 


Elise Buie Family Law, PLLC

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  • We serve clients in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Mason, Island, Thurston, and Kitsap counties.
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We serve clients in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Mason, Island, Thurston, and Kitsap counties.

Please do not include any confidential information in your communications until we verify that our office can represent you and confirm our engagement with you in writing. Prior to that, Elise Buie Family Law, including but not limited to any of its agents and representatives, does not legally represent you. Therefore, we have no duty of confidentiality to you, and there exists no attorney-client privilege between us.

  • Elise Buie Family Law Group PLLC
    720 3rd Avenue, #2015
    Seattle, WA 98104
  • (206) 926-9848
  • info@elisebuiefamilylaw.com
  • Schedule an initial call with our team


A Family First Approach

We are here to help individuals and families holistically navigate difficult decisions. We are connectors. We guide the experience with our firm to be transformational and healing. People at peace with their decisions armed with a plan for the future are free from the stress of the unknown and can give wholly of themselves to their family and community.


We are well-trained, experienced professionals who are committed to ongoing education and creative problem-solving. We practice radical candor and civility, delivering the highest quality service with outstanding responsiveness. 


We Practice Law Differently


If you want something radically different from the traditional law firm experience, you may have just found your dream opportunity. Explore our open positions, if you do not see something that fits your experience but you would like to connect, send us your information. We are growing.




Blog Posts

As a co-parent during or following divorce, you may no longer have the authority to make certain unilateral decisions regarding your children’s health and well-being. The restrictions on making decisions unilaterally are most commonly related to matters that are considered…

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Many people find it challenging to get started with estate planning. From confusion about the process to denying that estate planning is necessary, there are various reasons why people do not want to create an estate plan. That said, estate…

After divorce, it is common to experience feelings of shame. That shame could arise from multiple sources, including feeling that you let your spouse or children down or because you are worried about what others may think of you. Regardless…

Estate planning can feel overwhelming, but it is necessary to ensure your assets are in order and your loved ones are taken care of. Establishing an estate plan can also make certain issues easier for you and your family during…

In Washington state, alimony is referred to as maintenance. Maintenance is court-ordered spousal support payments that one spouse makes to assist with the living expenses of the other spouse for a period of time and for a particular purpose.  Maintenance…