Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton; Two Peas in a Pod

Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton; Two Peas in a Pod

As most of the world has heard this week, Anthony Weiner is caught up in yet another sexting scandal.  I was somewhat surprised, as I am sure many of you are, that this politician has been implicated in sexting scandals not once, not twice, but three times since 2011. You would think by now he’d have learned to avoid this behavior.

Weiner’s sexting scandals have led to his political demise in no uncertain terms. In 2011 Weiner resigned his position in congress after first denying and later admitting to the sexting behavior. In 2013 Wieners campaign for New York City Mayor was derailed but yet another sexting scandal. This most recent episode promoted a separation between him and his wife Huma Abedin. The two are parents to a young son.

 Perhaps the most ironic part of all of this is that Weiners wife, Huma Abedin has held several major positions under Hillary Clinton’s leadership. Clinton similarly faced sexual related scandals when her husband Bill had an affair with a white house intern during his presidency and faced allegations of several prior affairs during his governorship. Abedin is currently the Vice Chair of Clinton’s presidential campaign. Abedin began her time with Clinton back in the late 1990’s as an intern for the First Lady’s Office. She then served as Clinton’s Chief of Staff during her time as Secretary of State as well as Chief of Staff on her unsuccessful 2008 campaign for president.

One key difference between the treatment of Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton is that Weiner is now under investigation by Child Protective Services. The digital age has really changed the game in terms of illicit communication and Weiner is being investigated for a sexual picture in which his son is asleep on the bed next to him.  The fall out from this most recent scandal is sure to be catastrophic to Weiner’s career and unfortunately will probably tarnish the political image of his wife Abedin. 



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