Before you take the Divorce Plunge – Consider……..

Grit – What is it?  Do you have it?

Some things are true for everyone and in every situation; divorce is a life-altering decision that should not be taken lightly. Before you jump in the lake, spend some time pondering the following:

  • Divorce does not change your ex’s personality. (if only it were that easy!!!!) The same ‘ole problems will exist.
  • Even if you are the one who is “done” – you might be scared, stressed, nervous, angry, sad etc.  Emotions happen so deal with them and take care of yourself.
  • Make decisions methodically and with your brain not your heart (or any other emotional spot).
  • Even if you want your soon to be ex-spouse to move to an unknown land with no internet and no cell service, your children should never know that.  Never speak negatively about their parent.  Period.  It will hurt your case but, more importantly, it will hurt your kids.
  • Holidays can really stink after a divorce.  Now is the time for your new family traditions.  Forget Turkey at Thanksgiving – Maybe it should be Crawfish Etouffee……..check out this recipe.
  • Moving past divorce can take time.  Give yourself that time but don’t wither away during that time.  Try new things.  Make new friends.  Read new books.  Learn a new hobby.  Travel new places.  Enjoy your self-discovery – you only live once so continue living and learning and loving again.

If you are considering a divorce in Seattle, we encourage you to request a consultation with a skilled and compassionate Washington divorce attorney at Elise Buie Family Law, PLLC.


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