Divorce and Separation

Negotiating Divorce Before Retirement

Divorcing in your retirement years is growing in popularity, but it carries some significant financial risks. Investment income, Social Security benefits, and other financial instruments must be split equitably according to the law, without leaving one party without the money necessary to support…

A man holding his dog

Elise Buie Family Law | Who Gets The Pets After Divorce?

When parents go through a divorce, child custody can be one of the hardest issues to deal with. But increasingly in American households, pets are part of the family, and separating can create similar concerns over who gets the family pet.

Elise Buie Family Law  |  Retirement Planning After Divorce

Elise Buie Family Law | Retirement Planning After Divorce

It might seem like common sense that when a marriage dissolves, all the assets owned by the couple must be dispensed with according to the laws of the state in which the couple lived. But what about planning for the years following divorce?

Elise Buie Family Law  |  Healing After Divorce

Elise Buie Family Law | Healing After Divorce

Every person mourns the death in their own way, and whether that means devoting oneself to child-rearing or volunteering at a homeless shelter, it takes time to heal from a divorce.

BIFF – Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to communicate with a hostile ex-spouse is key to your long-term mental health.  Bill Eddy describes his “BIFF” methodology below which can be found on  Eddy’s website and in his book entitled “BIFF – Quick Responses to High Conflict People”

Do you need to respond?Much of hostile …

“Witnessing Change”

“Witnessing Change”

I had one of those wonderful moments as an attorney, friend, mom, divorced mom, human when I watched a client learn how to communicate with her soon-to-be ex in a way that was constructive, respectful and “forward focused.”  She even said “Thanks” when I wrote her a firm note to “stop” the past c…