Politics and Legal Updates

September 20, 2016

Seattle Moving Towards a City-Funded “Safe Consumption Site” for Heroin Addicts – Guest Blogger

On any given day in our beautiful city you are likely to come across a homeless addict, no matter what neighborhood you live in. Their drug of choice is usually heroin, which makes a certain amount of sad sense because...

September 5, 2016

Seattle’s Downtown Drug Crackdown Receiving Mixed Results – Guest Blogger – I.B.

           Led by mayor Ed Murray, Seattle introduced a 9 ½ Block Strategy plan. This plan was aimed to crackdown on drug dealing and problems related to drug dealing in Seattle's busiest area, downtown. This plan has largely been heralded...

June 23, 2016

Volunteer Attorneys are working to provide free legal services to those in greatest need.

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, a religious based care and recovery program, teamed up with a group of attorneys in an effort to help Seattle's huge homeless population combat overwhelming legal issues by providing free legal services and counsel. A large...