Divorce & Separation

Divorce is a new beginning

Just as no two families are alike, the dissolution of a marriage or a long-term relationship is equally unique.
Divorce can also be a time of healing, restructuring, and tremendous personal growth. Our experienced family law attorneys can help you explore your options and build a custom strategy designed to meet your family’s goals.


a divorce?


How you move through the divorce process will have a long-term effect on the outcome. Whether you elect to move through a court or out of court option, we are here to guide you through every step. We work as a team to focus on what is most important.


Our webinar, “What to Think About When Considering Divorce,” could be a helpful resource. Please register to watch.

I have been in your shoes, and I know that divorce can be scary sh*t. It is okay not to be okay. Divorce is an ending and a beginning — the beginning of a new chapter filled with second chances to live your best life.



How Divorce Works in Washington State



You Might Not Need a Court


Court is not always the best way to get a divorce. You have many options to help you reach an agreement, from working it out over a cup of coffee to a formal collaborative process. The best outcome for your family may be one reached through more amicable means. The judge does not have to be the ultimate decision-maker over your life. The court system is adversarial. Both parties seek to “win” the judge’s favor and deem the other person the “loser.”


Rather than engaging in a competition, you may prefer to seek solutions that maximize options benefiting everyone involved. That is a win-win-win. Our team of divorce attorneys can design a plan and bring all of the parties together to make alternatives to litigation effective and efficient for you.



There are times when divorcing couples cannot agree on their divorce, custody, or other issues. There are situations when working together may not be practical. Sometimes it is clear the structure of the courtroom process is needed. The team at Elise Buie Family Law will work with you to understand your objectives while minimizing conflict.


After Divorce

Well after your divorce is finalized, your family circumstances could change. You may find yourself needing to revisit spousal support, parenting plans, and estate planning with the help of one of our skilled family law or estate planning attorneys.



If you and your spouse have decided to no longer live together, you may be wondering what the next step is to address your marital issues and formalize your separation. There can be several reasons why you might choose this path rather than divorce ranging from religion to the desire to keep health insurance. Please connect with our team to discuss if this option is right for you.


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