Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist
Divorce is hard. Everyone knows that.  However, it is exponentially more difficult to divorce a narcissist. Despite the universally excepted truth that all divorces are difficult, many people fail to consider the significant role that personality plays in the process.
When divorcing a narcissist, the phrase “power hungry” takes on an entirely new meaning. Narcissists are driven by their desire to control through manipulation and this desire is fueled by divorce. For a narcissist, acquiescing to anything without a power struggle represents a loss of control. One of the most frustrating things about divorcing a narcissist is the lack of accountability that person feels for their actions, or lack there of, especially regarding their children. In the narcissist’s mind, he or she is the perfect parent. They believe their image is unjustly marred by their spouse’s portrayal.  
Finally, and possibly most difficult of all for someone divorcing a narcissist, is the narcissist’s inability to feel empathy. Divorce can be messy. It is undoubtedly emotional.  The narcissist may recognize the emotional chaos around them but will never accept any role in the creation of problems in the marriage, during the divorce and in the aftermath. Furthermore, the narcissist has only a superficial ability to empathize and often disregards the complex emotional situations at play during the divorce process because of their own inability to understand the emotive behaviors of their spouse or children. 

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