Is a 50/50 Parenting Plan Right for you?

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While courts in some jurisdictions are leaning more and more towards the 50/50 schedule, establishing a parenting plan can still be confusing and complicated. We have some expert tips to help you decide if a 50/50 shared custody plan is right for you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you get started drafting your plan.

  • Do you live close to your ex? With frequent transitions a 50/50 plan can be difficult long distance. There are still ways to make it happen, but the more travel, the more time you child will have to spend going to and fro. Be sure that your child is emotionally and logistically able to cope with these transitions.
  • Can you communicate well with your ex? If you are engaged in constant battles with your ex every transition provides an opportunity for argument. Both parents need to recognize what is best for their child and how to implement a plan to help their child flourish.
  • Are parents are committed? To succeed in a 50/50 plan both parents need to agree to the plan, and both parents need to commit to helping it work. This often requires putting the children’s needs above the parent’s feelings of loss, regret, anger and hostility.

A 50/50 plan isn’t right for everyone. Where there is a high level of conflict, a shared plan may actually hurt the children more by exposing them to damaging arguments and the potential for parental alienation. It is important to remember that the best plan is one that helps you have the best relationship with your child, even if that does not necessary mean more time.

We understand that divorce can be a harrowing experience emotionally, physically and logistically, which is why we have lawyers here to help. Having an experienced divorce lawyer can make all the difference to your process. Because we focus solely on family law, we understand the dynamics and can help guide you through your divorce. Please contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC for a consultation regarding your divorce. For more information about collaborative divorce or mediation please visit our website. 


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