Marriage Resembles Algebra

Consider Hiring a Financial Adviser

Learning math is a constant process of compounding information.  Marriage is no different. If you miss a key concept in Algebra, it is incredibly hard to be successful in the future. Marriage requires a similar type of thoughtfulness and attention to detail.  So many believe that the feeling of love alone is enough to sustain a lasting marriage. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Love is a great thing. It is very powerful and it sometimes is so powerful it supersedes logic and reason. On its own however, love does not guarantee a stable marriage.

Love is a variable, rather than the final answer, of a much longer equation that can result happy marriage.  Other variables like communication, trustworthiness and accountability are vital to the survival of a marriage. You never hear someone describe being happily married to someone whom they do not trust or cannot count on. These are essentials. Love is almost a given. You wouldn’t have married that person in the first place if you did not love them. But over the course of your time together have you put in the necessary work to maintain love by working on adding the other variables? It is easy to want to put marital issues on the back burner for a less busy time. *Newsflash* never will there be a less busy time! There is no time like the present to resolve conflict. Unresolved conflict, especially resulting in patterns of behavior, can be a major source of resentment and a huge obstacle to solving your happy marriage equation. 


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