The Hidden Divorce Professional: Pediatricians

How do Children see Step-parents?

Last month we came to you with a guide to selecting divorce professionals, but there is one divorce professional that may have been surprisingly overlooked: your child’s pediatrician. According to Health line Pediatricians can often be on the front lines of helping children cope with stressful situations, such as divorce, and they are increasingly being trained to help identify the physical symptoms that your child may express.

Generally, the more harmonious the divorce, the less physical symptoms pediatricians present themselves. “A breakup between parents can affect children in a number of ways, including changes in behavior, eating habits, or academic performance.” Says Shawn Radcliff in his Healthline Article. Particularly acrimonious divorces can cause enormous emotional fall out for children who feel stuck in the middle, made to choose between parents, or endure the trauma of frequent outbursts by parents.

The age of the child can impact the symptoms presented; in younger children you might expect to see bedwetting, toilet training issues, or separation anxiety while older children tend to present mental health concerns, such as depression or anxiety.

“The pediatrician can play a pivotal role in helping parents to appreciate that the degree to which they can control themselves — and not the other parent — and manage conflict improves the prognosis for their child,” cites the report. The pedestrian may also be able to provide referrals to key divorce professionals such as a family therapist or counselor.

An experienced family law attorney may also be vital in helping to reduce conflict and improve the outcome for children.

When selecting your divorce team, it is best to consider your own personal goals, gather your documents and set up an interview to be sure that you have found the right fit for you. For a consultation, or recommendation contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC.  


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