WIGS – Wildly Improbable Goal Setting

What is Wildly Improbable Goal Setting?  Martha Beck, a life coach, Sociologist, best-selling author and Harvard graduate explains why everyone needs Wildly Improbable Goals

In simplest terms, it is “dreaming big.”  It is “acting boldly.”  It is believing in your dreams – knowing the dream, knowing the desired final result – the middle is a lot more fuzzy.  Fuzzy is ok in this situation.  It’s not like the kind of fuzzy that happens when your glasses are dirty and they just need a good cleaning.  It is the kind of fuzzy that is full of possibilities. 

Sometimes a WIG starts as a tug, something that just won’t go away.  With proper nurturing, you can turn that WIG into your next great adventure.  What is tugging at you when you are up at night? 

What is the next great thing you will accomplish?  Maybe an amicable divorce that allows you to successfully co-parent your children?  Maybe your next great thing is finding what makes you tick so that you can go back to work and find your life’s true passion and develop financial independence and abundance?  Maybe your next great thing is waking up next week with hope in your heart rather than despair? 

Some of my WIGs over the years; marry the man of my dreams – check, become financially independent so that I can support my 4 children married or not – check, educate my children to the best of my ability – check (in process), open my own law practice so that I can help clients find their WIGS – check…….What is next for me?  What is next for you? 

Understanding the law is only part of what you need from your divorce attorney.  You need someone who will help you build a support network – your tribe, your peeps, your gang – people who will advise you and support you as you navigate this uncharted territory.  Your tribe might include a financial guy (I love my financial guy) – someone who can help you come up with a budget, someone who can help you plan for your financial future.  Your tribe might also include a therapist – someone who can help you work through the difficult emotions of divorce.  Your tribe might also include a coach – someone who can help you to find and follow your passion as you embark on this next cycle of life. Who do you need in your tribe?

If you are divorcing and want an attorney who is going to do more than just tell you about the law but who is going to help you map out your WIGs and who is going to help you listen to those little tugs so that you can turn this very difficult time into a time of renewal and hope, contact Elise Buie at Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC. 


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