January 2019

5 Simple Ways to Be a Better Parent After Divorce

5 Simple Ways to Be a Better Parent After Divorce

Set Aside Time for Your Kids

Getting a divorce can be quite time consuming, and life after divorce can be equally as busy. Before you become too swamped, it’s important to set aside time specifically for you and your children. Even if the day ahead of you is looking hectic, try to enjoy t…

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Can You Really “Win” Your Divorce?

Deciding to initiate a divorce can obviously be a stressful decision. The changes in living situations, division of assets, and custody agreements are just some of the things that make a divorce such a daunting and lengthy proposition to consider. Making these tough decisions and getting your thi…

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Bridging the Gap Between Your Children and Your New Partner

Parents and their children have different challenges to face when a divorce happens and adapting to life with your new partner can be one of the hardest to face as a child. Your child has likely long-entertained the idea that you and your ex will get back together and realize that this was all …



Ideally, divorced parents would find it in themselves to be able to parent their children in a civil manner that puts their kids before themselves. This, as we all know, is not always the case and joint parenting efforts can turn ugly quickly. When this unfortunate truth becomes your reality, the…