Special Needs

Setting up your child for long-term success

If your child has special needs, you have no doubt faced countless nights thinking about their future. Whether you are exploring divorce or creating an estate plan, there are several factors to consider for your child’s long-term success. 


Our family law and estate planning attorneys understand your options and have the experience to help ensure you have the support you need to make informed decisions for your and your child’s future. Call us today to discuss your situation with one of our family law or estate planning lawyers. 


Considerations for Divorcing Parents

Divorce, parenting plans, and child support can be complex. Making sure that your special needs child comes first is a priority. Your legal team can advocate with you to help your child’s best interest be brought to the forefront of any decision. 

Here are three issues to discuss with your family law attorney:


Does your child have medical or therapy needs beyond that of a typical child? Maybe they have or will need special equipment or clothing. These types of expenses are often granted a deviation from the standard child support.

Long-Term Financial Support

Some children will need support throughout their lives. Divorcing couples need to address these needs with the aid of a qualified family law attorney.

Parenting Plans

Your child may have specific challenges transitioning from a two-parent home to two single-parent homes. Specialists can help address your child’s unique needs and help them thrive. Our team can provide referrals to qualified experts. If you and your intended ex cannot decide the terms of your parenting plan, the court will consider your child’s development level and emotional needs in their ruling.

Our family law and estate planning attorneys can help ensure your child’s needs are met. We have significant experience working with parents of children of all abilities and needs. We can work with you to help your child thrive. 


Considerations for Estate Planning


Parents of a special needs child or adult should have a comprehensive estate plan. You will want to preserve public benefits for your disabled child while enhancing their quality of life. Our special needs trust attorney can explain your options and the implications of your decisions. 


It is also essential to talk to an estate planning attorney before listing a differently-abled child or adult as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or other assets.


Reach out to us today to speak with one of the well-qualified special needs estate planning attorneys on our team.


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