Relationship Planning

Setting your relationship up for success

Falling in love is the most amazing feeling. When you are ready to take that next step, whether moving in or getting married, actively working with your spouse on future plans should be part of your process. We are here to help. Our skilled family law attorneys can provide guidance as you navigate the laws that could impact you and your relationship. Planning for your future is the ultimate expression of care. After all, what could be more romantic than talking about your future plans and then setting that plan together?


Prenuptial Agreements

You’re engaged! Congratulations. This is such
 an exciting time in your life. Working through a prenuptial agreement together can lay the foundation for open and honest communication during your marriage. Through the formation of the agreement, you will be discussing your financial situation and plans for the future. Did you know that couples with prenuptial agreements are actually less likely to get a divorce than those without them?

Our team of attorneys in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are ready to discuss your options and determine whether a prenup is the right choice for you. They are available to draft or review as needed to help ensure the document meets the fairness standards set by Washington courts.
Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life. Working through a prenuptial agreement together can lay the foundation for open and honest communication during your marriage. Through the formation of the agreement, you will be discussing your financial situation and plans for the future. Did you know that couples with prenuptial agreements are actually less likely to get divorced than those without them?


Our team of skilled attorneys, serving the entire state of Washington, is primed to assist you in comprehending your alternatives and deciding whether a prenup aligns with your needs. They are available to draft or review as needed to help ensure the document meets the fairness standards set by the Washington courts. 


Prenuptial agreements hold more than just legal value—they symbolize an open approach to the future and a dedication to the longevity of your marital journey.

Relationship Planning


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Postnuptial Agreement


A postnuptial agreement, often referred to as postnups, have gained significant popularity in recent years. There are various compelling reasons for couples in Washington state to contemplate entering into a post nuptial agreement. Engaging in thoughtful conversations about potential changes in your relationship’s circumstances can foster stability and confidence within a marriage. 


Allow our dedicated matrimonial and family law attorneys, to create a well-crafted postnup that can cover various aspects, such as determining arrangements for your children, defining the division of assets, and many more.


By collaborating with one of our experienced postnuptial agreement lawyers, you can create a post-marital agreement tailored to your unique situation, ensuring that your agreement comprehensively addresses these important matters, and providing you and your partner with peace of mind.

Relationship Planning
Relationship Planning


Cohabitation Agreements

If you and your partner decide to live together without marrying, it’s wise to consider establishing a cohabitation agreement.  What is a cohabitation agreement, you ask? Well, it’s a contract designed to outline the financial and property-related aspects of your relationship. This agreement becomes particularly crucial if your relationship meets the court-defined criteria for a committed intimate relationship. In the absence of such an agreement, assets and debts acquired during the relationship might be subject to equitable distribution by the court.


To more clearly determine how assets will be distributed and utilized in the event of separation or the passing of one partner, many couples opt to enter a legally binding contract. This contract is commonly referred to as a “Cohabitation Agreement” or “Living Together Agreement.” It effectively defines the rights of each partner and establishes the desired outcomes. 


Our team of family law attorneys, based in Washington state, can expertly draft this agreement for you and your partner, offering comprehensive protection for both parties.


Cohabitation Agreements

If you decide to live with your partner but not marry, you may want to consider creating a contract to define the financial and other property aspects of your relationship. Without an agreement, and assuming your relationship meets court-defined standards of a committed intimate relationship, the court will equitably distribute assets and debts considered community property acquired during the relationship.

To more clearly determine how assets will be distributed and used upon separation or one partner’s death, couples often choose to enter into a contract, known as a “Cohabitation Agreement” or “Living Together Agreement,” defining their rights and desired outcome. Our Washington-based family law attorneys can write a contract for you and your partner to ensure you are both protected.

Relationship Planning


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Domestic Partnerships

Domestic partnership in Washington State, are less prevalent following the federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, opting for registration as domestic partners bestows upon couples the legal rights and responsibilities akin to those of married couples under state law. It’s important to note that while registered domestic partnership provides state-level privileges, these couples do not enjoy identical rights and responsibilities as married couples at the federal level.


If you’re considering entering a domestic partnership, you don’t necessarily require an attorney to facilitate the process. You might want to consider engaging our experienced team of estate planning and family law attorneys. Their expertise can be invaluable in safeguarding your assets and ensuring your intentions are preserved within the framework of domestic partnership regulations in Washington State.


You can register for a domestic partnership only if:

  • You or your partner is at least 62 years old
  • The other partner is at least 18 years old
  • You are both legally capable of consenting to the domestic partnership
  • Neither of you is already married or in a domestic partnership
  • You are not too closely related by blood
  • You are living together


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Valentine's Day is coming up, and you may already be thinking about popping the question, or perhaps you are engaged and wondering what to give your soon-be-be-spouse. Why not consider a prenuptial agreement or "prenup"? Maybe it is not as idyllic as picking out wedding décor, but a prenup is one of the best marriage-related decisions you will ever have the opportunity to make.

Regardless of age, a prenuptial agreement can protect your interests before marriage. Getting a prenup has nothing to do with your outlook on marriage or how committed you are to your spouse. On the contrary, getting a prenup speaks to how much you value a marriage where both partners feel comfortable knowing they're protected — in love and under the law.

When preparing for marriage, it's easy to get caught up in planning the wedding. Picking the venue, the flowers, the band, and whether your guests will choose the steak or chicken for dinner. You may have even begun to look for a home together, one with a fenced-in yard where your future children can play. Who wouldn't like this picture; it's all so… perfect. It's why the last thing you might be thinking about is a prenuptial agreement and planning for divorce.