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Doctors, entrepreneurs, & tech professionals

Your family and career have likely always been entwined with any change you make in one area inevitably impacting the other. Most people going through a divorce can expect to miss some work to attend court. They may have increased stress, making them short-tempered, or shared custody may require modifications in working schedules. Certain careers have impacts that go beyond the customary. Doctors, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals face unique challenges during and after divorce.




You are trained in school to be stoic, deliver excellent bedside manner, and face the unknown with curiosity and a desire to “fix it.” Facing divorce may have you feeling like you have failed or guilty if you have children about the long-term implications your divorce may have on them. Not to mention the choices you have to make regarding your career if you want to pull back and spend more time focused on your kids. 


Financially, your divorce may derail or delay your long-term plans even if you were part of a dual-income family. It is important to know you can ask for help; it does not have to be up to you to fix everything. Our team of highly qualified family law attorneys can help you devise and negotiate a plan that will allow you and your family thrive.

Career Considerations



Uncertainty is likely your middle name. Building a business takes a willingness to face the unknown, tackle the ups and downs, and continue with tremendous fortitude. As you face divorce, the biggest obstacle will be assessing income and the value of the business. You will be asked to supply supplemental financial documents, taxes, asset records, cash flow statements, and business proposals. 
It is very likely you and your ex will disagree about your income. You will likely want to ensure that any spousal maintenance orders can be altered if there is a sudden or unexpected change in your income that would prevent you from being able to pay. We can bring together a team of professionals to support you with the guidance of a family law office that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their way through divorce successfully.


Tech Professionals


Did you start your career at a startup? Inching your way forward, taking stock options instead of compensation? As you approach divorce, your financial portfolio can be a labyrinth to divide without legal expertise.


We have been around Seattle based techies long enough to know that upward mobility and opportunity can come from any corner of the globe at any time. If you have children, you want to ensure your divorce settlement and parenting plan take that kind of unpredictability into consideration to help avoid future chaos and frustration. When thinking about a parenting plan, you may have unique challenges as your career has likely required long workdays and significant time away from your family to nurture your success. 


An experienced family law attorney from Elise Buie Family Law can help you pinpoint what matters most for you and negotiate a settlement that positions your family for long-term success. Call us today.

Career Considerations


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