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Understanding the issues moms face in divorce

The bond you have with your child is like no other. We understand the issues facing moms in divorce and can help you navigate the process to put your children first. It is crucial to work with a legal team that understands your priorities and will work with you to make sure your objectives remain focused on the wellbeing of your family through the divorce and parenting plan processes.


Washington law follows the “best interests of the child” principle. This means residential schedules, child support, etc., are all governed by assessing what is in the child’s best interests. Our skilled family law attorneys will advocate for you in mediation, collaboration, or court as your situation warrants. 


Child Support


Child support is not a punishment for either party or a payment to the other parent; it is meant to support your child. It is an opportunity to help ensure that your child has their basic needs met as they grow. One of our experienced child support attorneys can answer any questions about paying or receiving child support and provide guidance if you seek a modification.




When one home becomes two, there are adjustments, hiccups, challenges to overcome. It takes practice, compassion, and commitment. Tackling the role of Co-CEO of Team Child may not be the parenting role you imagined, but with the proper support, you can do this.


8 Ways to Make Co-Parenting Better


  1. Never use child support or visitation as a bargaining chip
  2. Allow yourself to have friends, interests, and support. You may very well be “Superwoman,” but it is important to have a life
  3. Help your child spend time with your ex
  4. Cooperate with your ex when it is in the best interest of your child
  5. Let the other parent know what is going on in your child’s life
  6. Share the everyday life experiences with your kids, do not get lost in trying to be the fun parent
  7. Allow your child to process the emotions they may have about divorce or separation. If you handle the situation well, they will develop some great coping strategies they can use for the rest of their life
  8. Be appropriately honest with your child about experiences they have had 


Parallel Parenting

If you are in a relationship where you need to minimize your contact or communication with the other parent as much as possible, parallel parenting may be a parenting style to explore. When ongoing conflict cannot be stemmed and is putting your kids in harm’s way, sometimes a parallel approach works best. 
In parallel parenting, both parties remain active in their children’s lives while minimizing interactions and involvement with the other parent. If you are interested in connecting with our team to discuss which parenting style might work best for your family, we would be happy to set up a consultation.


Working & Stay-at-Home Parents


When one parent has stayed home for a significant period of time or taken on more of the parenting responsibilities, divorce can be a significant transition. Whether you have been staying at home or supporting your spouse in their parenting role, our experienced divorce attorneys can help you make a plan for the future to put your family’s economic security on track. 


Even when both parents are working, you may have questions about what that will mean and how to juggle your parenting and financial responsibilities. We are here to help answer your questions, educate you about your options, and provide you the resources you need to plan for that next step. 


Estate Planning

No one is ever ready to lose their mom. Thinking about a day when you will no longer be there to help your “baby” navigate through life can be overwhelming. 

The investment you make in comprehensive estate planning will allow your child the time to grieve when the time comes. A good estate plan will articulate your wishes about your healthcare, wealth, and remains. 

Our team of professional estate planning attorneys can help create and maintain an estate plan that gives you peace of mind.


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