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Susan O’Toole

Susan O'Toole
Susan O'Toole

Susan O’Toole is an associate at Elise Buie Family Law Group and an esteemed family law attorney with 15 years of dedicated experience in the field. Renowned for her unwavering commitment to honesty and compassion, Susan firmly believes in the significance of genuinely understanding and respecting each client’s specific situation and perspective.

Susan’s unwavering dedication to the legal profession is evident in her pursuit of superior results that not only address the legal aspects of her cases but also consider the emotional well-being of her clients. Her approach is centered on avoiding outcomes that exacerbate client dissatisfaction or worsen their circumstances, striving instead for resolutions that enable clients and their families to thrive and prosper in the long term.

A practitioner of diligence and empathy, Susan combines her professionalism with a broad range of experience, showcasing an exemplary work ethic and commitment to excellence that sets her apart. She actively engages with clients in a caring and professional manner, providing continual support through both the challenging and joyous aspects of family law matters.

Susan is educated and well-versed in collaborative law and mediation, reflecting her devotion to finding amicable solutions whenever possible. However, her extensive litigation background underscores her readiness to vigorously advocate for her clients’ best interests in the courtroom whenever the situation demands.

Philosophy and Background


Susan draws on her experiences as a single mother, caregiver to her elderly parents, and a survivor of her own challenging divorce to inform her work with clients. Her personal journey enhances her ability to empathize with the complexities of family dynamics, providing a unique blend of legal expertise and compassionate support. Susan’s background enriches her professional approach, making her a dedicated advocate who truly understands her clients’ individual challenges.

Susan holds a B.A. in political science and government from Washington State University Vancouver, an M.A. in forestry from Oregon State University, and a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law. Susan also earned a mediation certification from Portland Community College.

Role in the Seattle Community


Susan has represented many domestic violence victims pro bono and has served in various leadership roles throughout her career. She currently sits on the board of the Family Law Executive Committee of the Washington State Bar Association. Susan also is a member and sits on the board of the SnoKing Chorale, where she channels her love of music and singing. In her spare time, Susan enjoys spending time with her dog Sophie and her family, as well as writing, gardening, and almost anything outdoors.


Bar Admissions


  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California

Professional Associations


  • King County Bar Association — Family Law and Collaborative Law sections
  • Snohomish County Bar Association
  • WSBA Family Law Section and FLEC

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