Apps that Make Divorce a Little Bit Easier

Apps that Make Divorce a Little Bit Easier

We are all on our phones 24/7 so why not add a few more apps to your home screen that could help you manage divorced life?

  1. App – Two HappyHomes (similar to Our Family Wizard, my fave)

This app lets co-parents create calendars, store important medical information, share photos, and record expenses. Having everything in one place can save a lot of time sifting though emails and texts. Did your child come home from school with a field trip flyer that is scheduled during a time that they are with the other parent? Just add that to your shared calendar rather than having to send an email and hope your ex remembers it.

  1. App – Email My Texts

By now you are probably aware that communicating in writing with your ex spouse is very important. In this day and age that probably means sending a bunch of short text messages which can be hard to keep track of and difficult to archive. This app allows you to send your texts to your email and search using time and date.

  1. App – Support Pay

This app was designed to minimize communication about finances between exes. You can send and receive payments as well as upload pictures of receipts and track expenditures. According to makers of this app “Paying parents can see where their money is going and parents who receive the payments can clearly demonstrate how expensive children really are.”


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