Be Empathetic if your Friend is Divorcing

Be Empathetic if your Friend is Divorcing
If you have a friend who is going through divorce, empathy is essential. But sometimes that empathy can be misapplied. If a divorce and everything after goes very smoothly, you may feel encouraged to congratulate your friend on having an excellent divorce. Don’t do it!

Deep inside, your friend may be hurting deeply. Divorce is never easy for anyone. Telling them that they were lucky to escape the more obvious signs of a bad divorce doesn’t mean they’re not going through emotional upheaval. Read this woman’s account of what happened when she had her friends try to cheer her up this way. It didn’t help her with the pain at all.

In fact, separating from a good person can be even harder than separating from a bad one. It’s difficult to be good people and yet not be good for your partner. During these times, counseling can be an excellent step.

If you need help seeking a counselor before, during, or after your divorce, contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC. We can put you in touch with mental health resources that can help you move through this difficult time. Don’t suffer alone. Seek an understanding ear with a trained professional through our offices.


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