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Obama’s visit to Baton Rouge a Little Too Late for Some

President Obama visited Baton Rouge today for the first time since the floods that have been labeled as the worst natural disaster since hurricane Sandy. The president has caught a lot of criticism this past week for not visiting Baton Rouge earlier, opting to stay on his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. The comparison between this disaster reaction and George Bush’s carefree demeanor after Hurricane Katrina are being written faster than I can read them. Like clockwork, Donald Trump was there, handing out supplies between posting tweets that slandered everyone who was not present. Perhaps Obama knew Trump would be arriving and decided that there was more constructive progress to be made if he let the circus leave town first.

The point is, Donald Trump handing out FEMA supplies while Obama golfed does make me wince a bit to hear but it is not indicative of anything substantial. Obama is the president of the United States and has been for eight years. In other surprising news, he has a phone and receives reports on the happenings of the country. While relaxing with his family he managed to approve 120 million dollars to be spent helping flood-impacted people but unfortunately did not find time to respond to the aggressive comments made by The Donald, bummer.

Obama is not trying to win over our country and doesn’t really need to care what things are published about him, he is like your old English teacher who is retiring at the end of the semester, everyone knows what he is going to say and do so he doesn’t even need to say it. Trump, on the other hand, has been trying diligently to brainwash the American populace for some time now, his reaction to these floods could have been seen from a mile away. Fake empathy and verbal slandering of his competition are cornerstones of his brilliant campaign; why deviate now when he has managed to have so much success?  

I have come to believe that Trump must be a firm believer in the “no publicity is bad publicity” mentality based off of his actions/ comments. With this game plan in mind, it is easy to see how he ended up in Baton Rouge. Donald did what Donald always does; followed the cameras.        

I am annoyed at even feeling the need to entertain the idea that Donald Trump cares more about the well being of the impoverished black community that makes up the majority of Baton Rouge than President Obama does. If you are one of those who has been so easily convinced of this ludicrous point of view than you will be pleased to hear than per Donald Trump’s requests, the vote for president has been postponed and you will not need to be showing up to the polls until Spring of 2017.


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