Mom, I’m Fine, I was in a Fender Bender and Have a Small Laceration

OMG – This was the understatement of the year for me.

It’s Saturday night (Sunday a.m. about 2:00 a.m), I have been in Seattle for a total of 3 hours, I am awakened by the familiar ring of my son, Eric, (each of the 6 kids has their own ring, of course) but I can’t reach the phone, as I am still recovering from rotator cuff surgery.  Thankfully, he calls again and my husband jumps over me to get the phone. 

“Mom, I’m fine, I’ve been in a fender bender and have a small laceration on my leg but I am in an ambulance and they are taking me to Harborview.”  Me thinking  – WTF?  You don’t go in a ambulance to Harborview when you have a small laceration on your leg………..(I mean this is not my first rodeo with ambulances and Harborview).  Me saying – Stop talking Eric.  Answer my questions in yes or no and don’t say anything else.  “Were you driving?”  “No”  “Is everyone ok physically?”  “Yes, the driver is fine and I have a small laceration.” These questions continue down the presumed path…………….all the answers are not what was expected.  No drinking, no drugs, just speed and teens. I don’t know whether to be grateful or angry. 

I get to the hospital in approximately 20 minutes where I meet the EMT who transported Eric to the hospital and learn that Eric was in a car doing more than 100 MPH down Sand Point Way,  the driver lost control of the car (shocker) going around a turn, careened into oncoming traffic, hit a telephone poll, rolled over, took down multiple trees and came to a stop just inches from someone’s condominium.  That collision resulted in a broken shoulder, a broken ankle, possible torn ligaments in his hip and a gash that was so deep that left his bone visible requiring more than 30 stitches in multiple layers to hold the skin together.  The driver walked away. 

What????  A fender bender and a small laceration? Really Eric?

Turns out that fender bender resulted in the gruesome blog image and the police telling the boys that they expected to come upon a fatality when they arrived. 

This harrowing situation has taught me a lot of great things.  First, the 2015 Subaru Legacy is the safest car on the road.  Period.  Second, some teens should have not licenses, they just can’t consider risk far enough out to be safe.  Third, seat belts save lives.  Period.  Fourth, life and health are so fragile, enjoy and protect both.  Fifth, Eric Buie should be a politician – he sure knows how to make horrible sound manageable.  Six, my kids adore each other deep down even when that love is not always so obvious. 

Hug your kids and put on that seat belt.  And obviously go back over the “risk – benefit analysis” needed for good decision-making, I obviously missed a few sections.

– A Thankful Mom


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