Rogue Electoral College Voter in Washington State by Guest Political Blogger

Clinton Allocates Extra Funds to Swing States – by Guest Political Blogger

“She (Hillary) will not get my vote. Period.”, claims Washington State elector Robert Satiacum, a member of the state’s Puyallup tribe and avid Bernie Sanders supporter. Hillary Clinton is all but guaranteed to win the vote in Washington State yet Satiacum claims that is not enough to obligate him to vast his vote the same way. This one vote is unlikely to have a major effect in tomorrow’s final count but it is an eye-opening reminder that the people don’t decide who will become our next president; 538 electoral college voters do. Satiacum’s reasoning is that he could not face his family after casting a vote for Hillary as she has; “committed crimes against our mother, this Earth.” The Puyallup Tribal Council have denounced his decision to become a renegade elector even though they see the validity in his claims, they stated that they thought he had a duty to cast his vote for the state’s winner of the popular vote.

It seems absurd that this vote is left up to the discretion of Robert Satiacum while he is supposedly representing 1/12 of the democratic voice in one of the most liberal states in the nation. The only piece of policy in place to discourage this rogue voting is a $1000 fine. That means that all this guy has to do is pay my car insurance deductible and then he can do whatever he wishes with essentially thousands of Washington state votes, it’s ridiculous. Mr. Satiacum is not voting for Hillary but has also denounced Trump repeatedly, saying they are “the same”, so who is he going to vote for? Someone irrelevant, that’s who. I doubt that is what Washington liberals are intending to happen when they take time out of their day tomorrow to go participate in what is heralded as a democratic system. Electoral college voters should be nothing but mere puppets of their state’s wishes and should be forced to vote with the majority or replaced before they can do otherwise.    


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