9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in Your Divorce

Representing yourself is risky

When considering divorce, you may toy with the idea of representing yourself. For example, you may think your divorce will be relatively straightforward. Or maybe you consider yourself a savvy negotiator and highly intelligent. Or the idea of saving yourself money by not hiring a lawyer appeals to you. Though all your objectives may be well-intentioned, representing yourself in your divorce is generally not a good idea due to both technical and substantive pitfalls and the many risks associated with doing so. Being your own divorce lawyer can leave you vulnerable and at a distinct disadvantage. This is especially a danger if your partner has obtained legal counsel and you have not. Even if the split between you and your partner is amicable to start,… Read More

Expecting the Unexpected: Estate Planning for a Catastrophic Illness

While estate planning is often associated with enjoying assets while you are alive and then preparing for their disposition to inheritors after death, there are more outcomes estate plans can aid in to adequately protect the quality of your life and that of your loved ones. Being prepared means not having to feel afraid of the possibility of unexpected circumstances, as an estate plan can allow you to enjoy life as it comes. In the event of catastrophic illness, for example, estate planning can ease the burden for both you and your family, allowing you to have a course of action in place which can assist you in financial and medical decisions. To that end, a Seattle estate planning attorney can help guide you through… Read More

Can a Judge Prevent You From Seeing Your Children If You’re Unvaccinated?

Can a judge stop you from seeing your children if you are unvaccinated

A Canadian judge recently said yes. According to this article from Insider, a judge ruled an unvaccinated father would not be permitted to see his three children in person because one of the children is immunocompromised. The couple divorced in 2019 and have joint custody. Additionally, the children’s mother received permission from the court to have the children vaccinated without their father’s consent. Although the court denied the father in-person visitation due to his lack of vaccination against COVID-19, the ruling provided ample opportunity for him to communicate with the children via phone or video calls. Indeed, arguments between divorced parents over whether to vaccinate children against COVID-19 have been going on for a while now. And courts, including the Canadian court mentioned above, have… Read More

What Is an NFT and How Do You Transfer Ownership of NFTs at Death?

What is an NFT and how do you transfer it at death?

NFTs have garnered a significant degree of popularity in recent years, particularly among the Gen-Z and younger millennial crowd. While they are relatively new to the financial and online scene and have garnered a degree of controversy with questions surrounding digital value, more celebrities and companies are starting to get on board with NFTs, as well as for cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies. Though we still cannot foresee how digital assets will reshape our world, it is starting to become clear that digital assets are here to stay. The question thus arises: In the event that you add cryptocurrencies or NFTs to your investment portfolio, how do you transfer ownership of NFTs at death? Furthermore, what steps can you take to ensure that your investments… Read More

What Happens to Your Digital Presence After You Die?

digital presence

Filmmaker and writer Nora Ephron is famous for saying, “Marriages come and go, but divorce is forever.” Well, so, too, is the internet, as Ms. Ephron would probably attest if she were still with us. Meaning your digital presence will likely continue long into the hereafter. This modern-day revelation makes it more important than ever to protect your online and digital presence after you die. Though you won’t be around to see what happens, the legacy you leave online (depending on how well you prepare) can help your friends, family, and heirs by bringing them comfort and clarity. Or it can come to haunt them, whether because of how difficult it proves to track and gain access to your digital assets or because you, via… Read More

5 Movies to Watch if You’re Divorced on Valentine’s Day

Movies to watch if you are divorced on Valentine's Day

When you're divorced on Valentine’s Day, the whole thing can feel a bit much. Maybe even a bit cringy. Do you acknowledge it, ignore it, or laugh about it? Having a Valentine’s Day movie night can be just the ticket. The movie ticket, that is. Watch the following five films alone or with a friend. Doesn’t matter, as long as you’re prepared to laugh, cry, and cry because you’re laughing so hard. 1. 50 First Dates If you’re divorced and single, you may have already been on 50 first dates. You may also wish you could forget them. Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) can. After a car accident renders her unable to remember anything new once she goes to sleep, Lucy finds herself caught in a… Read More

Getting Started on Estate Planning for Your Blended Family Following Remarriage

Estate planning for blended families

Blending a family can be a wonderful experience for families to build a new life together. However, it can raise estate planning issues, the most obvious of which is if there are assets a parent wants to see pass directly to children from a previous marriage or relationship. There are countless other scenarios for which a new estate plan can prove valuable. But first, it is important to understand what a blended family is and why it is so critical to plan for your family’s future. And your own.  What is a blended family? When defining a blended family, what might come to mind first is a married couple where one or both spouses have children from a previous marriage or relationship. However, that definition… Read More

4 Ways to Demonstrate That You Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex

Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex

Effective co-parenting during and after divorce is the ultimate act of love you can show for your children. The unfortunate reality for many divorced parents, and even more regrettable for their children, is that divorced parents don’t often fully commit to the process, despite saying they will. Language has a lot to do with it. For whatever reason, perhaps because the word co-parenting is used ad nauseam in the lexicon of divorce and family lawyers to their clients, clients gloss over the significance or forget it in the heat of the moment when dealing with their ex. It’s why I ask my clients to ask themselves one simple but potentially life-changing question: Do you love your kids more than you hate your ex? I have… Read More

How to Include Cryptocurrency in Your Estate Plan


Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, are increasing in prominence in the investment portfolios of many. They are also used for transactions. These assets can add value to an estate, sometimes enough to turn a small estate into a high-net-worth estate. Due to the confusion of rules around cryptocurrencies, as well as lack of regulation, an estate owner and beneficiaries might not be aware of the value their estate has due to the cryptocurrencies they have. Because there are so many issues unique to cryptocurrency, including how they are stored and traded, older estate planning laws can impact cryptocurrencies or fall short in their inclusivity of them in a variety of ways. This can make estate planning for these complex digital assets more complicated. If… Read More

9 Practical Strategies for Becoming a Strong Divorce Client

9 Strategies to become a strong divorce client

You have probably heard the saying that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. But guess what? Your lawyer doesn’t want to have a fool for a client either, even if it is a paying one. This is especially true of your divorce lawyer, who has a lot of work to do to get the settlement that will fit you and your family best while making sure you and your children (if you have any) come out of the process strong and ready for a happy, productive, and sound future. For your divorce lawyer to make these objectives reality, they need you to do your part, which is to be a strong divorce client. How? As a Seattle lawyer who heads… Read More