Things to Look for that could Signal Divorce

3 Ways Divorce Can Impact Your Health
Divorces that come out of the blue usually have long-simmering tensions behind them. A lack of communication, a guilty secret, or a habit that grates on one partner suddenly explodes. Couples who want to stay together for the long haul must sharpen their communication skills and watch out for hidden tensions.

Lists of things to look out for abound on websites and opinion pages. Sometimes the advice is pretty good. For instance, a writer at HuffPo listed these six habits couples should avoid if they want to avoid divorce:

  • Putting your needs above your spouse
  • Not deciding to love every day, or just relying on the feeling of love to keep you together
  • Keeping in hidden resentment
  • Mismanaging your money
  • Letting your health go
  • Not being fully present with your partner

These are good things to avoid, but there are other things too. Marriage is a life-long process of learning as your relationship grows and changes with time. Every relationship has rocky points. If you want to avoid as many of these as you can, you can read relationship books together and talk about your feelings with your partner. We have a list of recommended books on our website if you’re interested.

At Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC, we’re more than just divorce lawyers. We want to see the best resolution for any type of family law case, and many times a divorce is not the answer. For more information, call our office today.


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