Thinking About Divorce? Top Tips from a Family Law Professional

Thinking About Divorce? Top Tips from a Family Law Professional

We have already shared our guide to selecting divorce professionals, but perhaps you are not quite ready to move into the divorce category. What should you keep in mind while weighing your options? Our Divorce Attorneys weigh in:

  • No Sudden Moves: Don’t relocate from the family home, make large purchases, or start moving piles of money around. Now isn’t the time to make big changes, and if you aren’t sure of what do to, contact an attorney. You can often buy just an hour of attorney time to address a specific issue. It is much easier to get advice upfront than it is to undo a mistake.
  • Draft a Post-Nup: If you really want to protect your assets and set some ground work you can draft a post-nuptial agreement that will cover your bases for if and when a divorce occurs. It may even help both of you communicate regarding your expectations.
  • Keep Records: Keep copies of where money is coming in and out; your bank accounts, your tax returns, credit card statements, and make sure that you have access to all financial documents. Don’t wait until you have broken the news to your spouse to be sure you have copies of everything.
  • Don’t Hide the Ball: As part of your divorce you will need to disclose your past accounts, if you are thinking about hiding anything, don’t, it may very likely come back to bite you and ruin your credibility with the court.
  • Save up: It may not come as a surprise but divorcing can be expensive, as can setting up a new household. Having a nest egg before moving forward may be a good idea to avoid starting your “new life” in debt.
  • Get off Social media: You don’t have to delete your account, but do be sure to have everything set to private and remove any potentially unsavory posts or pictures. You can bet your ex’s attorney will be reviewing social media so don’t post anything you don’t want to end up shown to the judge. Impose a strict no-bad-mouthing-your-ex-online policy.
  • Start Conflict Resolution: Divorce can be hard, but it is never to early to try to start reducing the conflict in your marriage. Check out Constance Ahron’s The Good Divorce and seek a therapist to help you (and your spouse) resolve potential issues. Even if you can’t save the marriage, you may be able to set helpful and healthy patterns of communication moving forward.

When selecting your divorce team, it is best to consider your own personal goals, gather your documents and set up an interview to be sure that you have found the right fit for you. Contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC today.  


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