Top Divorce Mistakes

Top Divorce Mistakes

As experienced family law attorneys here in Washington we have seen many different types of divorce. Unfortunately, without a background in divorce some people fall into a few patterns of mistakes. Keep an eye out for these divorce pit-falls.

Lack of Knowledge: Big financial mistakes can happen in divorce if you are driving blind. You can’t property divide assets and debts if you don’t have a clear picture of your finances. Sometimes this can be difficult, particularly where one party handled all the finances over a large period of time.

Letting Emotion Cloud your Choices: Divorce is hard. It traumatic emotionally, physically, and difficult to navigate legally. But letting your emotions get the better of you will make those tough choices in divorce even more difficult. For example, sometimes people want to rush the divorce process just to be done, but end up making rash decisions that can affect them long term. Try to focus on your goals; where you will be in the future and what you are going to need to get there with respect to any child custody or financial issues.

Hiring a Bulldog Lawyer: We have spoken about this before. By escalating conflict and raising tensions you can cause the other party to become more resentful, and drive up legal and court costs. Higher costs mean less assets left for you and your spouse at the end of the day. Punishing your spouse might seem like a good idea in the abstract, but the reality is, it just isn’t in your best interest (and it is horrible for your future co-parenting relationship).

Not Considering Mediation: Even if you can’t stand to be in the same room with your ex, mediation can still be a great option, saving you valuable time and money. Mediation can provide flexibility that courts simply can’t, and puts the decision making power into your hands instead of those of a judge. For more information on mediation click here.

Looking for assistance navigating your divorce or other family law matter in the Greater Seattle Area? At Elise Buie Family Law Group our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to help. Please contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC for a consultation. 





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