April 4, 2016

Tips for Successful Co-parenting

Paternity leave – diapers, bonding and being a good husband…..

If you don’t already know anecdotally, cursory Googling will show how working parents in the U.S. face a bleak picture for parental leave. While new mothers generally don’t get enough time off, new fathers get even less so, if any. When my son was born last year most of my family and friends had …

Most Divorces Started by Women

Can Divorce Make you a Better Mom? A Better Dad?

The choice to divorce in a non-adversarial way can be faster, cheaper, easier, and demonstrate a sanity and family stability to the children.  Whether you call it collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce, conscious uncoupling, or just amicable co-parenting – I like to call it “acting like grown…