Collaborative Divorce Requires Maturity

Collaborative Divorce Requires Maturity
Collaborative divorce is a very useful tool, but it is called “divorce for grownups” for a reason. Both sides have to be willing to come to the table and settle their affairs amicably, even though emotions may be running high. Collaborative lawyers, divorce therapists, and other professionals assist with the process, but if the partners cannot come to a new definition of their relationship that they can agree on, they can end up right back where they started.

Thus, both partners need emotional maturity to go through the process and work together to come to a solution. There are times when collaboration is not the best method to use. If there are questions of abuse, then traditional divorce is the best method. Also if there is an extreme power imbalance between the couples then true collaboration may be unable to happen. Mediation or traditional divorce may be better in these circumstances.

However, for partners that can get along enough to do a collaborative divorce the cost can be much cheaper than a traditional divorce. If it fails though, you’ll be right back where you started and still have to pay for the service. You’ll have to assess your emotional maturity and your partner’s to see the process through.

If you are considering a collaborative divorce, contact Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC to schedule a consultation. We can talk to you about collaborative divorce and whether it might be right for your situation. Our attorneys are licensed to work in the state of Washington.


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