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Consider Seeing a Counselor Before Marriage

One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to see a counselor. In fact, if you can see one before you get married that’s even better. Many couples don’t see a marriage counselor until problems are well-entrenched and a lot of hurt has built up. Learning what problems may be sneaking u…

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Seek Help for Co-parenting

Parents will often share custody of children after a divorce. This puts both partners in a tricky situation. A lot of time, money, and emotional energy goes into a divorce. The ex-spouses may want nothing to do with each other but are forced to interact due to children. Spouses who divorce enter …

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International Child Support Agreement Stymied

There is a major international agreement about child support that is working its way through state legislatures.  The treaty is designed to help participant countries enforce child support laws across their boundaries. 32 other nations and the EU have agreed to it, but Idaho may block US particip…

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Negotiating Divorce Before Retirement

Divorcing in your retirement years is growing in popularity, but it carries some significant financial risks. Investment income, Social Security benefits, and other financial instruments must be split equitably according to the law, without leaving one party without the money necessary to support…

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