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BIFF – Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to communicate with a hostile ex-spouse is key to your long-term mental health.  Bill Eddy describes his “BIFF” methodology below which can be found on  Eddy’s website and in his book entitled “BIFF – Quick Responses to High Conflict People”

Do you need to respond?Much of hostile …

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“Witnessing Change”

I had one of those wonderful moments as an attorney, friend, mom, divorced mom, human when I watched a client learn how to communicate with her soon-to-be ex in a way that was constructive, respectful and “forward focused.”  She even said “Thanks” when I wrote her a firm note to “stop” the past c…

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Why do people dread Mondays?

The answer is obvious: we all dread Mondays because the weekend is over and our workweeks are just starting.  But, as I rode the elevator up to my office this morning, I realized that we don’t need to dread Mondays.  I almost commented to the other riders, “Oh man,…

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