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Judge Calls Out Banker for being a Deadbeat

A deadbeat dad or mom is a parent who fails to pay their portion of child support. There are many reasons why someone may be deadbeat, but when someone does have the money to pay and fails to do so then the courts take a very dim view on that person.
Here’s one example. A former Manhattan banker…

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Man Pays Spousal Maintenance for 35 Years

When two people get married with very unequal incomes and then get divorced, the person who has less income may be left destitute. To counter this, the courts developed the concept of spousal maintenance payments, sometimes called alimony in other states. The partner with more income pays a certa…

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Child Support Changed in Twins Case

This week we’re looking at child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) payments. These can be some of the most hotly contested subjects in a divorce case, only behind child custody. It is important to have someone on your side that knows the laws for both of these in your state when you go to…

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The Story of a Buddhist Nun’s Divorce

Divorce can happen to anyone. Sometimes it can be seen from a mile away. Other times, it’s unexpected. The best thing that anyone can do after a divorce is learn what they can from it and move on. One extraordinary woman says that her second divorce taught her some of the most important lessons o…

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Facebook Blamed for Divorce

Earlier in the week, we wrote about a UK study that showed that social media was a growing cause for marital strife and divorces. Now a woman in Chicago is saying that Facebook ruined her marriage, and she’s not the only one.
She told a local news station that she was a Facebook addict and that …

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